files/billeto/billetonet/Icons/bezahlen.png Methods of Payment in Billeto

Billeto offers interfaces for the following external payment service providers:

PayPal files/billeto/billetonet/tour/bezahlen/sofort.png

If you would like to use these providers, open an account with them directly and simply enter the corresponding identification information into Billeto. Your customers can then pay for their tickets through these payment partners, and you receive the revenue directly from the payment partners.

If you prefer to not use external payment partners, Billeto offers you the following forms of payment:

  • Direct Bank Withdrawal from German Bank Account: Lastschrift. (You can export "Lastschriften" from Billeto and submit them to your bank as "Sammellastschrift".)
  • Bank Transfer (Your customers transfer the money to your bank account and you book the receipt of payment into Billeto.)
  • Cash Payment directly at the Box Office

Credit Card Payments are covered through PayPal.