You tell us what you need and we will set up Billeto for you.

You can single-handedly configure Billeto. In order to do this, the Instruction Manual and our Forum are at your disposal.

However, if you are in a hurry or if you would prefer to leave the initial set-up to us, we offer 3 Packages to choose from:

  250 € 350 € 450 €
Number of Venues 1 2 3
Open Seating
Seating Plan in Tabular Form  
Price Categories
Seating Areas
Methods of Payment
Shipping Options
Number of Price Lists 1 2 3
Number of Events 2 4 6
Number of Email Templates 6 6 6
Number of Ticket Templates * 1 2 3

* grafic design will be supplied by the client


A 19% VAT (Sales Tax) is added to all prices.